We Tested and Found the 9 Best Wireless Bras for Poke-Free Support (2024)

We Tested and Found the 9 Best Wireless Bras for Poke-Free Support (1)

Love 'em or hate 'em, bras serve a routine purpose for many. If poking, prodding, pinching underwires make you want to go bra-free, the wireless variety could be the answer. And believe it or not, many of today's iterations can work for any cup size. Cosabella general manager Silvia Campell explains that wireless bras can be much less binding and constricting than their metal-boned counterparts. "They offer that free feeling of being supported and covered but not squeezed," she says.

We tested dozens at home over two weeks to find the best wireless bras on the market. Testers with various body types and chest sizes evaluated them based on fit, support, comfort, adjustability, care requirements, and quality. See which ones hold up—pun intended.

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What We Don't Like

  • Size range could be more extensive

Materials: Nylon, spandex, polyester | Size Range: 32A–38DD | Colors: Hot pink, black, shark, titan, rose wine, country blue +more

We were so impressed with Wacoal's Comfort First T-Shirt Bra—it's everything we want a wireless bra to be. We found it surprisingly supportive (even for those with large chests), not to mention ultra-soft and comfortable to wear for long periods. We even wore it on a 16-hour flight and had no discomfort whatsoever. The underband is incredibly smooth, and we appreciate the adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure in the back. This bra provides full coverage, which is great for people with bigger busts and those who prefer not to show much cleavage.

What We Like

  • Extra-wide smoothing underband

  • Shoulder straps adjust in front

  • Soft fabric

What We Don't Like

  • Could offer a bit more support

  • Largest size is C cup

Materials: Polyester, elastane | Size Range: 30A–40C | Colors: White, butterscotch, toasted almond, navy ink, mauve +more

On a budget? This affordable option fared very well in our tests. The Cloud 9 Comfort Bra has full coverage, lightly padded cups for total nipple coverage without adding too much bulk. We like how the shoulder straps conveniently adjust in the front, and the band is adjustable with hook-and-eye closure. The underband is wider than average, so it helps smooth your back and sides just like shapewear and looks seamless under form-fitting shirts. The largest size is, unfortunately, a C cup. But all in all, we're big fans of this wallet-friendly wireless bra and would recommend it to those with smaller breasts on a budget.

What We Like

  • Extremely supportive

  • Molded cups offer nipple coverage and support

  • Extra coverage on sides and back

  • Material feels high-quality

What We Don't Like

  • Could offer more coverage in cups

  • Sizing is confusing

Materials: Nylon, spandex, polyester | Size Range: 28A–48H | Colors: Black, warm sand, sola, rose water

Finding a wireless bra for large breasts that actually offers sufficient support is challenging, but this one checks most (if not all) the boxes. For one, it's very supportive with excellent lift. We also like how there's extra coverage on the sides and back to provide a smoothing effect and prevent "sideboob" and spillage. What's more, the molded cups offer great nipple coverage—just know they're not removable. The WingWoman Contour Bra comes in a good range of colors and a whopping 99 sizes going up to 48H. The sizing can be a bit confusing, though, so check Knix's size guide before ordering. Overall, we loved the high-quality look and feel of this bra and think the price is warranted for such a thoughtful design.

What We Like

  • Removable padding

  • Thick, supportive underband

  • Comfy and breathable

What We Don't Like

Materials: Elastane, polyamide | Size Range: XXS–XL | Colors: Black, espresso, ecru, buff, sand, white smoke +more

Those who are looking for bras for small breasts don't necessarily need (or may not want) a ton of support. If that's you, we highly recommend the Pepper Limitless Scoop Bra, which offers light support and subtle shaping. You can also remove the padding if you prefer a more natural bust shape or if a particular shirt calls for it. Although it looks like a simple bralette, it has not only adjustable shoulder straps but also a hook-and-eye back closure. We like how the wide, stretchy band stays securely in place, while the mesh sides and front keyhole provide breathability. It might not be the most durable bra, as we noticed minor pilling and metal discoloration after washing it a few times. However, the cup shape held up well. All things considered, the Limitless Bra is a prime choice for A, B, C, and maybe even some D cups.

What We Like

  • Very supportive

  • Keeps breasts lifted and secure

  • Doesn't create excess bulk on large breasts

  • Looks great under clothing

What We Don't Like

  • Could provide better nipple coverage

  • Smallest size is C cup

Materials: Nylon, spandex | Size Range: 34C–44H | Colors: Warm amber, adobe rose, mochaccino, black

If you're looking for a wireless bra with generous coverage so you don't have to worry about spilling out or showing lots of cleavage, this might be the one. It has all the features we want in a bra: adequate support, adjustability, an extra-wide underband, and all-day comfort. The cups are unlined, which is great for those who don't want bulky padding, but they still provide some shape. To our surprise, it did an excellent job at keeping low-hanging breasts lifted and secured in place without making them look too elevated or unnaturally shaped. The smallest size is a C cup, so folks with smaller busts will want to keep scrolling. Overall, we think the price is more than reasonable for such an impressive, comfy design.

What We Like

  • Excellent support and structure

  • Wide, smoothing band

  • Soft, comfortable material

  • Removable cup pads

What We Don't Like

  • Sides can cause chafing

  • Sizing isn't ideal

Materials: Nylon, spandex, polyester | Size Range: XS–3X | Colors: Runway, sand, vamp, astral, ruby, petal +more

If support is a top priority, Honeylove CrossOver Bra has your name on it. Thanks to the bonded design and extra-wide band, it pretty much offers the same level of support as a regular underwire bra. We were thrilled by how well it kept our breasts lifted and securely in place. This bra has removable cups. If you choose to leave them in, you'll appreciate that they're nicely made, well-fitting, and don't shift around or create awkward lines. Combined with the adjustable shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back closure, it really stands out for customizability.

We found the material soft and comfy and appreciated how the wide band kept things in place. Although the bra comes in a decent size range, it doesn't go by band and cup sizes, which made it hard to choose the best fit. (If you're in between sizes, the band recommends ordering a size down.) Still, we were blown away by the support of this wire-free bra and loved the overall look, feel, and shape.

What We Like

  • Comfortable yet supportive

  • Ideal level of lift and push

  • Runs true to size

What We Don't Like

  • Could prevent spillage better

Materials: Recycled nylon, spandex | Size Range: 30A–40D | Colors: Sands, ballet pink, glacier gray, true black

Push-up bras aren't exactly known for comfort, but this one from Aerie is an exception. We liked the soft, exceptionally stretchy feel and appreciated how the seamless, tag-free design wasn't at all scratchy. The padded cups offer medium lift and push (meaning pushing your boobs together slightly to create cleavage). Underneath clothes, it looked entirely smooth. We found the sizing totally accurate and were amazed by how much support this bra offered in the absence of an underwire. If you're looking for a reasonably priced wire-free bra that gives your bust some oomph, the Sunnie Bra is a stellar choice.

What We Like

  • Great shape and structure

  • Soft, silky material

  • Layers nicely under clothing

  • Suitable for all-day wear

What we Don't Like

  • Could provide better nipple coverage

Materials: Nylon, elastane | Size Range: 32C–42H | Colors: Black, ivory, nude sand, nude walnut, natural leopard +more

Though none of our winners are uncomfortable, this bra really stood out in terms of comfort—so much so that some of us forgot we were wearing it at the end of the night. The C Magnifique Bra has lightly lined, full-coverage cups, adjustable straps, hook-and-eye back closure, and a wide underband that provides structure and a smoothing effect without digging in.

Even without molded cups or an underwire, we were astonished that such a soft bra could provide so much support and lift. We liked how it looked nearly seamless under different types of clothing. The lightly lined cups don't offer complete nipple coverage, but considering how supportive and pleasant it was to wear, this didn't bother us too much. If you're looking for a wireless bra you can put on in the morning and keep out of mind until you change into your favorite pair of pajamas, this one won't disappoint.

What We Like

  • Great range of nude shades

  • Super comfy; good for lounging

  • Decent support and structure

What We Don't Like

  • May not be supportive enough for large busts

  • Back doesn't adjust

Materials: Polyamide, elastane | Size Range: XXS–4X | Colors: Onyx, espresso, cocoa, bronze, ochre, clay, sand +more

Skims is known for its inclusive sizing and expansive neutral color range with nudes that complement all skin tones. You'll also find brighter, punchier limited-edition hues. We found the immensely comfy design ideal for lounging and casual activities. The fabric felt smooth, and we liked the simple neckline and adjustable shoulder straps.Despite being a soft bralette without a wire or boning, it still provided some support. This bra doesn't have an adjustable band and may not be supportive enough for large breasts. However, we think it's a good pullover option for small to medium busts—or those with bigger chests looking for an at-home bra.

What to Look For in a Wireless Bra

  • Material: Wireless bras come in various materials, depending on your needs. Most winners from the bras we tested are made of synthetic fabric—like nylon, polyester, or polyamide—and blended with a stretchy textile, such as spandex or elastane. Besides being smooth, flexible, and generally durable, these materials can be breathable and moisture-wicking, meaning they'll help prevent underboob sweat and draw moisture away from your body.
  • Support: Campello recommends looking for supportive features, like vertical support seaming (aka bonding), thick adjustable shoulder straps, hook-and-eye back closure bonded cups, and a wide underband. "The band is 90% of a bra's support," she says. "I personally like a bit of a wider band when it's wireless to accommodate for the lack of wire and to help it stay flush on the ribcage so it doesn't ride up under the boobs." If you want more lift, consider a bra with padded cups.
  • Adjustability: Features like adjustable straps and hook-and-eye back closures let you customize a bra for a more exact fit. These features can also make it feel more structured and less like a sports bra or bralette. And since bras are known for relaxing and stretching with continued wear, this allows you to tighten it as needed.
  • Comfort: Wireless bras, by design, are inherently less constrictive than the underwire type because they don't dig into your ribs—but that's not the only thing determining comfort. We suggest finding the correct size and style for your breast shape and looking for options with wider bands and straps that stay in place. Soft, stretchy fabrics are also ideal.


  • How do you measure for a wireless bra?

    Wrap a soft measuring tape around the area directly below your bust, making sure it's level and not too tight. Note the inches and round to the nearest whole number to get your band size. Then wrap the measuring tape from the fullest or outermost part of your chest (usually the nipple area) and around your back. Note the measurement in inches and round to the nearest whole number. Subtract your band size number from your bust number. If the difference is 1 inch, you're an A cup, 2 inches is a B cup, a 3-inch difference is a C cup, and so on.

  • How should a wireless bra fit?

    According to The Bra Book author Jené Luciani Sena, you can use the same fit points for a wireless bra as you would any other bra. "Breast tissue should not be bubbling out the tops or sides of cups, the band should not be riding up in the back, the straps shouldn't be digging in or falling down, and breasts should be perfectly encased within the cups," she says.

  • Who are wireless bras best for?

    Pretty much anyone—yep, even those with large busts. Sena tells Byrdie that, thanks to design innovations, wireless bras can be just as supportive as underwire options. "An underwire bra does help anchor the bra to the body and provide some stability but, truthfully, doesn't do much else," she says. "I once had a bra company I consulted for tell me that they only continue to make underwire bras because the customer wants them—otherwise, they'd become obsolete due to the advancements in construction and fabrics."

  • Is it OK to put a wireless bra in the dryer?

    While some bras are machine-washable, it's often best to let them air-dry. Bras made from synthetic materials—such as nylon, polyester, or spandex—can wear down, become misshapen, or lose their elasticity from tumble-drying on high heat. When in doubt, go with the brand's recommended care instructions.

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Meet the Experts:

  • Silvia Campello is the general manager at Cosabella—she has been with the company for over two decades.
  • Jené Luciani Sena is the author of The Bra Book, first and second editions (BenBella Books).

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We Tested and Found the 9 Best Wireless Bras for Poke-Free Support (2024)
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