Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (2024)

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  • 12h agoMore reaction and analysis
  • 14h agoFULL TIME: Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid
  • 14h agoGOAL! Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid (Vinícius Júnior 83)
  • 14h agoPenalty for Real Madrid!
  • 15h agoGOAL! Bayern Munich 2-1 Real Madrid (Kane 57 pen)
  • 15h agoPenalty for Bayern!
  • 15h agoGOAL! Bayern Munich 1-1 Real Madrid (Sané 53)
  • 15h agoHALF TIME: Bayern Munich 0-1 Real Madrid
  • 16h agoGOAL! Bayern Munich 0-1 Real Madrid (Vinícius Júnior 24)
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12h ago19.06EDT

More reaction and analysis

Carlo Ancelotti admits Jude Bellingham ‘not at his best’ against Bayern MunichRead more
Toni Kroos proves the pass master yet again to point the way for Real Madrid | Sid LoweRead more

13h ago17.36EDT

Thanks for reading this MBM. Jonathan Liew’s report is below. Hope to see you again tomorrow evening when Borussia Dortmund take on PSG in the other semi. Nighty night!

Vinícius Júnior gives Real Madrid edge in semi-final after Kane rouses BayernRead more

14h ago17.34EDT

Carlo Ancelotti speaks to TNT. “It was an interesting open game … we could play better … we didn’t play our best match … we had problems with a low block … we didn’t put intensity there … the second half, we started well but conceded two goals when our moment was good … we had the energy and character to equalise … Bellingham was tired and had cramp … Vinicius has learned to come inside and not stay on the line … it will be exciting and open … you never know what will happen.”

14h ago17.31EDT

Harry Kane talks to TNT Sports. “It’s a little disappointing … once we got 2-1 ahead we had two or three good chances, especially from set plays … this is Champions League semi-final … Real Madrid are one of the best teams in Europe for sure and they can punish you with one or two actions … it’s all to plauy for next week … if we play like we did in large parts today we’ll have chances next week … we just have to be able to take them … their [first] goal came against the run of play … they built up momentum and we struggled to play our game … in the second half we had higher intensity and deserved to get our two goals … we dust ourselves down … a tough match but we look forward to next week … we can take a lot from this game.”

Kane’s also asked what Jude Bellingham whispered in his ear just before he took his penalty. He smiles and replies in a good humour. “To be honest I don’t know what he was saying … I saw him mumbling something … I’d have to ask him what he actually said … once I’m in that moment I’m in my zone, trying to block everything out … I’m sure he was saying something to try to put me off!”

Does the Champions League determine whether his move to Bayern is a success or not? “I don’t think so … I’m here for many years … it’s not just a one-off year that I’ve come for … of course the expectation was to win trophies and it hasn’t gone our way … but if we can somehow get our hands on [the Champions League] it would be an amazing season.”

14h ago17.18EDT

Hopefully we’ll hear from someone in Munich soon. But no matter if not, because Jonathan Liew’s verdict has landed. Here it is!

Vinícius Júnior earns Real Madrid edge in first leg after Harry Kane lifts BayernRead more

14h ago16.55EDT

Harry Kane embraces his old Spurs mucker Luka Modric. The Bayern striker looks a little deflated, but not distraught. He and Bayern would have surely taken this result during the early exchanges of the second half, when they looked bereft of ideas. But suddenly the hosts burst into life with two goals in short order, and a precious first-leg lead looked on the cards until Kim Min-jae clumsily conceded a penalty in the closing stages. Bayern don’t have a good record at the Bernabeu, so Real will be favourites to progress to the final, but on tonight’s evidence you can make a case for both teams. Looking forward to next week’s second leg already? Yes, us too.

14h ago16.51EDT

FULL TIME: Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid

The whistle goes at the end of a highly entertaining semi-final of ebb and flow. The second leg at the Bernabeu next week promises to be a cracker!

14h ago16.50EDT

90 min +3: Kane goes barrelling down the right and reaches the byline before crossing to nobody. Tchouameni very nearly clipped Kane there. Any contact and Kane would surely have been purchasing a cheap penalty.

14h ago16.49EDT

90 min +1: Lucas Vázquez is booked for a preposterous comic-book tug from behind on the in-flight Davies’s collar.

14h ago16.48EDT

90 min: Vinicius Junior sends Mendy romping into space down the left. Mendy cuts back from the byline in the hope of finding Joselu, who clatters Kim and the whistle goes. There will be three additional minutes … but probably more because Kim needs treatment.

14h ago16.46EDT

88 min: Brahim Díaz tears down the right wing at full tilt. He enters the box and prepares to shoot … only to be denied by Mazraoui’s perfectly timed tackle! Mazraoui had to get that right, because otherwise it was another penalty and, already on a booking, he’d be off.

14h ago16.44EDT

87 min: Joselu comes on for Rodrygo, whose work is done. Sané meanwhile makes way for Davies.

14h ago16.43EDT

85 min: That was a clumsy mistake by Kim … and possibly a very costly one. Bayern immediately attempt to restore their precious lead, Gnabry dribbling past Mendy on the right and shaping to shoot, before cutting back and eventually attempting from a much more difficult position. He larrups harmlessly over.

14h ago16.41EDT

GOAL! Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid (Vinícius Júnior 83)

Vinícius Júnior, like Kane before him, stutters and the keeper goes first. Vinícius Júnior carefully sidefoots down the middle, into the space vacated by the goalie. Real draw level!

Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (1)

14h ago16.40EDT

Penalty for Real Madrid!

82 min: Kim is spun again, as Vinicius Junior passes to Rodrygo down the inside-left channel. Rodrygo drops a shoulder and turns, only to be grabbed and dragged down by Kim. The referee points to the spot, then books the stand-in central defender.

Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (2)

14h ago16.37EDT

80 min: Gnabry comes on for Muller.

14h ago16.37EDT

79 min: … or maybe not. Modric’s second contribution is to wedge a delicate pass down the inside-left channel that allows Vinicius Junior to skin Kim. Vinicius Junior is one on one with Neuer, albeit facing a tight angle. He shoots straight at the keeper, who stays big. Nothing comes of the resulting corner.

14h ago16.36EDT

78 min: Bayern set about drawing a little bit of sting from the game. Some methodical passing around the back. A fair chance that both managers would settle for 2-1 right now, and take their chances next week.

15h ago16.34EDT

76 min: The free kick is lumped towards the Bayern mixer but cleared. Then Modric makes his first contribution of the evening, kicking Sané, and the pressure on Bayern is released.

15h ago16.33EDT

75 min: Kroos’s free kick fails to beat the front man and Bayern clear. But Real come back at the hosts, Kane clipping Kroos on the left wing. Before that free kick can be taken, Kroos and the disappointing Bellingham are replaced by Modric and Brahim Diaz.

15h ago16.32EDT

74 min: Vinícius Júnior jinks cutely down the left and wins a free kick by nipping inside Laimer. Kroos to take a free kick just by the side of the box.

15h ago16.31EDT

73 min: Valverde makes a royal nuisance of himself just inside the Bayern box. He tries to chisel out a shooting opportunity but is swarmed before he can take a pop.

15h ago16.29EDT

71 min: Kim competes for Kimmich’s corner from the left. Lunin punches out for a corner on the right. Kimmich trots over to take that one, too. He hits it long. Dier wins another header, which only just evades Muller on the edge of the six-yard box. Had that dropped more kindly, Muller would surely have put that away.

15h ago16.27EDT

69 min: Bayern are first to everything again. Real can’t keep hold of the ball. The home fans are up.

15h ago16.25EDT

67 min: Kimmich’s corner from the right is met soundly and squarely by Dier, who from six yards powers a header straight at Lunin. Either side and that was surely a goal. Real are teetering on the edge here.

15h ago16.24EDT

66 min: Mazraoui drives down the left and crosses low for Kane, on the left-hand edge of the six-yard box. Kane spins and scuffs a shot across goal. It deflects off Rudiger and inches wide of the right-hand post. Lunin rooted to the spot. Bayern so close to a third!

15h ago16.23EDT

65 min: Real make their first change. Nacho is hooked, and the captain’s not happy about it. But he’s got to make way for Camavinga. Kroos takes receipt of the armband.

15h ago16.22EDT

64 min: Tchouameni snaffles the ball and suddenly Real are two on two. Vinicius Junior shoots twice, but on both occasions a combination of Mazraoui and Laimer block. Kane tries to counter but is clipped in-flight by Kroos, who goes into the book.

15h ago16.20EDT

62 min: Rodrygo dribbles at warp speed down the right, making toast of Mazraoui and Dier. What lovely footwork. Not enough to win a corner, but Real needed a response and that’s the first one since that quick-fire double whammy.

15h ago16.18EDT

60 min: What a stunning turnaround! Bayern looked utterly devoid of inspiration and ideas before that Sané strike. Now they’re first to everything, and Kane chases after a long Muller pass down the inside right. Kane enters the box but takes a careless touch, allowing Rudiger to come across and gently shoulder him to the floor. Kane wants a penalty but it’s a fair challenge and the ref quite rightly isn’t interested. Real clear their lines.

15h ago16.16EDT

58 min: That’s a 29th Champions League goal for Harry Kane. It’s his 43rd goal for Bayern. Already!

15h ago16.15EDT

GOAL! Bayern Munich 2-1 Real Madrid (Kane 57 pen)

Kane stutters, Lunin blinks first and dives. Kane rolls the penalty into the bottom left, cool as ice, and what a turnaround!

Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (3)
Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (4)

15h ago16.14EDT

Penalty for Bayern!

56 min: Musiala dribbles into the Real box from the left. Lucas Vázquez dangles out a leg and clumsily clips him. Over he goes, and the referee points to the spot! Kane prepares to take. Bellingham has a word in his ear. And then …

15h ago16.13EDT

55 min: That came out of absolutely nothing, and credit to Laimer, who burst down the inside-left channel from deep before switching the play to Sané on the right. A fine pass and assist. But should Lunin have saved it? Possibly, but the shot was so fierce.

15h ago16.11EDT

GOAL! Bayern Munich 1-1 Real Madrid (Sané 53)

Just as well Bayern kept Sané warm! He picks up possession out on the right touchline and chops infield past Mendy and into the box. He rasps a fierce shot towards the bottom right. Lunin can’t stop it sneaking in, so hard is the shot. Bayern level!

Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (5)
Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (6)

15h ago16.09EDT

51 min: Vinicius Junior spins into space down the middle and bustles his way upfield. He feeds Bellingham, who shuttles the ball across to Kroos, storming into the Bayern box. Kroos opens his body and aims a curler for the top right. Neuer sticks out a strong arm to block. Bayern clear their lines. What a fine goal that would have been.

15h ago16.08EDT

50 min: Lucas Vázquez and Bellingham combine at high speed down the right. Lucas Vázquez enters the box and attempts a second one-two but Laimer intercepts to put a stop to Real’s caper.

15h ago16.05EDT

48 min: Real spend the opening moments of the second half hogging the ball. So much for Bayern flying out of the blocks again.

15h ago16.04EDT

47 min: Leroy Sané remained on the pitch for the duration of the half-time break, keeping warm. He’s got a pelvic injury which becomes problematic when he cools down. Let’s see if he can make it to the end.

15h ago16.02EDT

Real get the second half underway. Bayern have made a change, sending on Raphaël Guerreiro in place of Leon Goretzka.

15h ago15.53EDT

Half-time postbag. “Tuchel, reportedly, doesn’t have much faith in the defensive prowess of Kimmich and Kim Min-jae, and he may have a point. I felt bad for Eric Dier, as he tried frantically to alert the right side of his defence to the intergalactic swathe of space that they’d left for Vinicius to run into” – Kári Tulinius

“Once again, a team create plenty of chances against Real Madrid and fail to take them. Sané being the guiltiest party. And then get soundly punished by Real’s clinical finishing. You simply can’t hope to beat them and be profligate” – Colum Fordham

“Harry smashed it wide, and Real was inches from a pen. What a disaster that would have been for Bayern. Lucky boys” – Mary Waltz

15h ago15.50EDT

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15h ago15.48EDT

HALF TIME: Bayern Munich 0-1 Real Madrid

Kroos and Valverde attempt a short corner routine. It’s no good, and after 40 additional first-half seconds, the referee blows for half-time. Bayern started fast but spluttered out of gas soon enough, while Real quietly and efficiently moved through the gears and deservedly lead at the break.

15h ago15.46EDT

45 min: Rodrygo hammers a rising free kick that clips off the top of Kane’s head and out for a corner. Kane brave in the wall there. Kroos sends the corner in long from the right. Rodrygo tries to beat Laimer on the opposite flank but settles for another corner. Kroos ambles across to take that one.

15h ago15.45EDT

44 min: Bellingham’s been quiet, but he suddenly pops up, chasing Valverde’s long pass down the inside-right channel. Mazraoui comes across and cynically clips his ankle just outside the box. Into the book he goes. This is a free kick in a very dangerous position.

Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (7)

15h ago15.43EDT

42 min: Kane takes a couple of steps and absolutely wellies an effort past the left-hand post. Always wide, and Lunin had it covered, but my, he hit that.

15h ago15.42EDT

41 min: A lot of pre-kick planning. Kane at the centre of the chat.

15h ago15.41EDT

40 min: Rodrygo drives down the left and attempts a one-two with Bellingham, who miscontrols. Bellingham has been quiet so far. Give him time. Bayern counter through Musiala, who has been Bayern’s most dangerous attacker up to this point. He dribbles down the inside-right channel before drawing a clumsy foul from Nacho. A free kick in a very dangerous position, just outside the D.

15h ago15.39EDT

38 min: Kimmich hits the corner long. The whistle goes for some shoving. Bayern still haven’t put Lunin to serious work, that Sane chance on 40 seconds apart.

15h ago15.38EDT

37 min: Bayern get the ball back and get patient. A lot of sideways passing and not much in the way of speed. They need to pick it up. Mazraoui takes matters into his own hands and suddenly sprints down the left to earn a corner.

Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened (2024)
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