Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev LIVE: Qatar Open result and reaction (2024)

Daniil Medvedev maintained his winning roll to beat Andy Murray in the Qatar Open final and claim his second title in successive weeks on Saturday.

Veteran Murray, bidding for his 47th career title but first since 2019, pushed the Russian hard but succumbed 6-4 6-4 in a battle of former world number ones.

Medvedev also triumphed in Rotterdam last week and now has 18 Tour-level titles in his locker.

He started strongly and was immediately into his baseline rhythm to win the majority of the long exchanges, moving into a 4-1 lead with two breaks of serve.

Murray, who saved five match points on Friday against Jiri Lehecka to reach his 71st ATP final, also fell behind in the second set but hit back with a break of serve.

The British three-times Grand Slam champion had the momentum at 4-4 40-0 but Medvedev suddenly rediscovered his brick wall-like resilience to reel off five successive points, sealing a crucial service break as Murray over-cooked a volley.

Former U.S Open champion Medvedev double-faulted on his first match point in the following game but a superb lob completed the job when he had another opportunity soon afterwards against a weary-looking Murray.

“It was a very tough match because it was windy and we struggled for rhythm,” world number eight Medvedev said on court. “Today was a big fight. Sometimes we were both playing bad, sometimes we both played well.”

For Murray, 35, it was his fourth ATP final since returning to the tour after having hip surgery in 2018 and, while he has lost three of those, he remains a force to be reckoned with.


Qatar Open final: Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev

Immense respect between Andy Murray and Daniil Medvedev, more battles ahead on this evidence.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 17:35


Qatar Open: Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev

Medvedev: “It was a great final, no matter the result, I really liked my week in Doha.”

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 17:20


Qatar Open: Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev

Medvedev: “I’m pretty happy to come from indoor to play matches here, I’m happy with my level.

“I appreciate playing against Andy, I was in the gym warming up, I started doing the last excercises, it was 5-4 and 40-0, 25 minutes later you were still in the tie-breaker and you won it.

“Today I thought I had match point, I thought that was not a good sign, but I have to have one to win.”

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 17:19


Qatar Open: Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev

Murray: “It was an incredible week. It didn’t finish how I wanted.

“I had some amazing matches, created some great memories, fantastic to be back in the final, one of my favourite players to watch and one of the best players on the tour.

“It’s great for me to get that opportunity to play somebody on that level, some things to work on. I’m proud of my week.”

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 17:16


Qatar Open: Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev

Medvedev has a moan about the tennis balls used this week.

He says he felt the issue in Australia and that it has caused injuries, including wrist problems, for some of the players.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 17:10


Qatar Open: Andy Murray 4-6, 4-6 Daniil Medvedev - game, set, match!

Medvedev serves it out!

He failed to convert a championship point, but Murray was beaten in the end with sublime lob.

It’s back-to-back titles for the Russian.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 17:06


Qatar Open: Andy Murray 4-6, 4-5* Daniil Medvedev

Murray looking to hold again and move to within one game, a break could be fatal here with Medvedev able to immediately serve it out.

Murray at the net, you love to see it, lovely variety to the gameplan at this stage. 15-0.

Then a slam at the net, a routine couple of points then, 30-0.

Now to 40-15 and a good chance to hold and move to within four points of one set apiece.

But Medvedev punishes Murray’s forehand, 40-30.

Bit of an argument at the net there, Medvedev hammers the ball at the net into Murray’s hip. The Scot turns as Medvedev apologises profusely. Break point.

He’s taken it, Murray misses at the crucial moment.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 16:49


Qatar Open: Andy Murray 4-6, 4-3* Daniil Medvedev

Now then, he did the hard part, now Murray must hold..

The backhand teaser down the line, and Medvedev bites, he sends the ball wide. 30-0.

The momentum has certainly shifted here, Murray’s strategy is clicking, he’s anticipating the movement of Medvedev much better now.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 16:43


Qatar Open: Andy Murray *4-6, 3-3 Daniil Medvedev

Another lengthy rally but this time Murray on top, 0-15. The crowd finally getting into this, they’ve been fairly quiet.

A sudden halt to the point, Medvedev asks for a challenge. He’s right, you know, 15-15.

Then Murray on the move nets on a backhand cross court. 30-15 in a flash.

Incredible hitting from Medvedev, Murray’s scambling is almost as good. But the drop shot kills Murray there. 40-15.

Now then, Murray fighting back, and Medvedev’s silky, two-handed backhand is wide. Break point.

WOW! That is just sensational, he’s broken him back from a desperate position.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 16:37


Qatar Open: Andy Murray 4-6, 2-3* Daniil Medvedev

Murray hammers a forehand wide and offers Medvedev a good start to the game. 0-15.

But the forehand fires this time, 15-15. Vital moment in the game coming up, needs to string a run of holds together and force Medvedev to surge to the finish line on serve.

He gets the hold and a change of ends, time to have a drink and consider when he attacks the Medvedev serve, he’ll need to take some risks either in the next service game for the Russian or the one after you’d think.

Jack Rathborn25 February 2023 16:32



Andy Murray vs Daniil Medvedev LIVE: Qatar Open result and reaction (2024)
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