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Wasabi deviled eggs are a tasty appetizer that crowds love. Easy recipe with quick preparation. Only a few ingredients needed to make them!

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They are always a hit at parties and family gatherings.

If you are thinking of making wasabi deviled eggs but not sure what other easy appetizers to go with them, why not try some of these appetizer recipes:

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How to make deviled eggs with wasabi

Cut all the hard-boiled eggs in halves, lengthwise. Transfer the yolks into a bowl (a soup bowl will do) and break them with a fork.

Keep breaking them until they look like crumbs. When you are done, add wasabi, mayonnaise, soy sauce and finely chopped fresh chives. Mix everything until well combined.

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Now it’s time to taste the yolk mixture for wasabi deviled eggs. If you like, add more wasabi, mayo or chives. And salt and pepper, if needed.

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When you are happy with its taste, fill each egg white with the mixture. I like using a piping bag fitted with any wide piping tip.

Good to know: Transfer the egg whites onto a serving plate/tray before you fill them. It makes the whole process easier as you don’t have to transfer each filled egg white onto the tray, risking that you will ruin it.

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Tips for making wasabi deviled eggs

  • Garnish/extra toppings – instead of chives, you can use fresh parsley. Crispy bacon is also a delicious add-on to this easy appetizer.
  • If using soy sauce, add the seasoning at the very end – after you have tasted the mixture to prevent over-salting it.
  • Wasabi paste – this is the main ingredient so please do not omit it. If you do, you might end up with a very bland taste.
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How long will peeled boiled eggs last in the refrigerator?

When stored in an air-tight container, they can last up to 5 days.

Why are my hard-boiled eggs hard to peel?

Knowing how to peel hard boiled eggs without breaking them into pieces is important, especially when we need the eggs to look pretty.

Apparently, the fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel them. So next time try using older eggs rather than the fresh ones or you can also test them to see for yourself.

I like cooking eggs in my pressure cooker. The eggs come out un-cracked and the yolks are always done. And more importantly, they are way easier to peel. So if you want your wasabi deviled eggs to turn out perfectly, try a pressure cooker, if you have one!

Another thing I have noticed is that well-chilled eggs are a nightmare to peel. But this can just be me.

Do you have any tips or tricks how to peel eggs easily? If you do, let me know in the comments section.

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Did you know?

Apparently, wasabi root is pretty expensive, so most companies use horseradish, mustard flour + other ingredients to make wasabi paste.

Yield: 12 Deviled Eggs

Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Wasabi Deviled Eggs Recipe - Appetizer Addiction (8)

Wasabi deviled eggs are a tasty appetizer that crowd’s love. Easy recipe with quick preparation. Only a few ingredients needed to make them!

Prep Time10 minutes

Total Time10 minutes


  • 6 large hard boiled eggs, peeled
  • 2 teaspoons wasabi paste
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives + extra for garnish
  • salt to taste
  • black pepper to taste


  1. Cut each egg in half, lengthwise. Transfer the yolks to a bowl and break them using a fork until they turn into crumbs.
  2. When done, add wasabi paste, mayonnaise, soy sauce and chopped chives. Mix until well combined.
  3. Taste and add seasoning to your liking.
  4. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag fitted with a piping tip. Place the egg whites onto a serving tray/plate and fill each one with some of the mixture.
  5. Garnish with chopped chives and serve.


  1. Best served right away.
  2. Soy sauce can be omitted.
  3. Use only fresh chives.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving:Calories: 105Total Fat: 10gSaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 97mgSodium: 223mgCarbohydrates: 1gFiber: 0gSugar: 0gProtein: 3g

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  1. Kate

    A huge YES to the awesome kick of wasabi in these devilled eggs. Such a great idea.


  2. Heidy L. McCallum

    This is such an interesting twist to the plain old deviled eggs everyone makes! I love Wasabi and think it would be an awesome way to spice up the average Easter Deviled egg! I think I may make a batch of these this weekend for Easter Sunday. I'll let you know how it all worked out maybe Monday. Have a great day and Happy Easter.


  3. Beth Pierce

    What a unique twist to a classic recipe! Love the kick the wasabi will add; can't wait to give these a try!


  4. Adrianne

    Yum!! What a great idea for a party snack! These look fantastic and I bet they taste delicious. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!!


  5. Emily

    These deviled eggs look and sound delicious! I've been looking for the perfect recipe to make this Easter and I think I found it!


  6. Julia

    An easy way to peel the eggs is to put them in a jar (cup can work as well, glass is best) gently shake and spin the egg for a few seconds and the shell falls right off when you peel it! Look up this method and you can see videos and better instructions! Hope it helps, love this recipe btw, I top them with paprika because my family always has and it's great with this recipe!


    • Julia | Appetizer Addiction

      Thanks for your tips, Julia!


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Wasabi Deviled Eggs Recipe - Appetizer Addiction (2024)
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