Timeless Italian Men’s Linen Shirts | Luca Faloni (2024)

A men's wardrobe essential

Luca Faloni men's pure long-sleeve linen shirts are crafted in Italy by skilled artisans using 100% premium linen. Our signature one-piece ‘Paramontura’ collar is featured in the Portofino which is our most classic button-up and fitted linen shirt. The Versilia and Forte linen shirts come with a mandarin or grandad collar - the Versilia is a classic button-up shirt whilst the Forte is designed as a three-button pop-over linen shirt. Finally, the Ravello shirt combines a french cutaway collar with a pop-over or kaftan design. All linen shirts are designed with modern two-button cuffs and finished with mother-of-pearl buttons. Style your sleeves rolled up for relaxed dressing. For gentlemen who prefer short sleeve shirts, our lightweight linen jersey t-shirts and “Elba” polos epitomise breathability for high summer wear. Our pure linen jersey is a non-linen blend as it is finished with an Aloe treatment resulting in a premium and smooth textile. Alternatively, embrace timeless menswear with our polos and short sleeved shirts from different premium materials.

Italian-crafted men's shirts made from pure linen

We source our cloth from the most prestigious family-run mills in Northern Italy. With generations of experience and by using an exceptional weaving technique, they create a highly breathable and durable premium quality linen fabric. Its hypoallergenic and water-absorbent properties make linen the perfect choice for the warmer months. Whilst making our pure linen shirts, we ensure meticulous attention to detail by using rare sartorial methods like ‘Giglio’ stitching. Our shirt collection presents four key types of linen: stripe, délavé, monocolour and mélange for a unique artisanal quality. We only use 100% linen and do not produce shirts made from linen blends.

Choose your men's linen shirt for the right occasion

Our collection of linen shirts is suitably smart for any occasion and essential for the summer months. The classic Portofino linen shirt is a must-have summer staple for any smart or casual event. The Versilia will keep you comfortably stylish throughout the season with its distinguished grandad or band collar and modern silhouette. Welcome yours for example in navy for casual dressing to the beach or for chic city attire. Our two pop-over shirts radiate the essence of summer with a kaftan style design for a more adventurous appeal with its respective straight-cut hem. Embrace a dolce vita look with the Ravello. A garment that perfectly matches any vacation teamed with cotton shorts for a classic look. The collarless Forte has a laidback attitude, making it the ideal men's linen shirt to relax but also look refined. Furthermore, as you transition into the colder months, option for a brushed cotton shirt or a robust denim shirt for elegant winter attire.

How to style the right colour for you

Our men's pure linen shirts collection presents a wide colour palette with over 20 colours ranging from white to black. Featuring eloquent Italian shades, stripe patterns and unique linen blend melange tints coming from two differently coloured linen threads. Favourable for modern luxury, our leading sky blue or signature white linen shirts will contrast with navy, sand or khaki green linen trousers; find your preferred combination for any occasion. For more sophisticated evening attire, pair a black, payne's grey or a midnight blue shirt with camel beige or white lightweight cotton chinos. Enhance your summer wardrobe with our floral colours such as pink, lilac, coral, capri blue or khaki green that will perfectly contrast with playful shades in the linen-cotton shorts collection. Our nautical-inspired striped shirts exude everyday summer charm. Choose between a classic blue or pink stripe shirt, versatile for any occasion.

Find the right fit

Our shirts have European sizing and fit. The regular fit has an approximately 6cm wider waistline than the slim fit, making it more relaxed without becoming baggy. Our shirts in general aren't usually worn layered as an overshirt but rather for a fitted and refined silhouette. For more information, refer to the size guide on the product page where you will find a step-by-step guide on how to measure the sleeve length, body length, half chest and half waist. Otherwise, reach out to us at care@lucafaloni.com.

How to care for your linen shirts

Maintain the exceptional quality of your linen shirts by washing inside-out at 30 degrees celsius using a normal spin cycle and air drying before ironing at a high temperature using a lot of steam to remove creases. Following these steps will ensure your linen shirt will become softer and silkier over time, never losing shape whilst preserving sartorial elegance. Browse our timeless collection of shirts and enjoy free shipping and returns.

Timeless Italian Men’s Linen Shirts | Luca Faloni (2024)
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