Tesla Charging Cost Calculator • Prices Updated • Compare DCFC and Home charger (2024)

This calculator is used to calculate the exact cost of charging your Tesla. It does not matter where the process will take place - at home or at a special charging station.

You can calculate the cost of a full battery charge using a simple formula

However, the calculator takes into account a few more variables like charging efficiency and allows you to customize the input data.

Using the Tesla Charging Cost Calculator you can choose the type of charger (Level 1 or Level 2) and the type of socket. It will help to compare charging costs and finally decide what is more profitable - a charging station or a home unit. Also car owners will decide for themselves whether it is better to use direct current or alternating current.

This calculator will be useful for both experienced Tesla owners and newcomers who are just looking at the car.

The calculator provides the following features:

  1. Determining the type of device that will allow you to charge your car for maximum benefit;
  2. accurate cost calculation for most electric car models and modifications;
  3. convenience for travelers, because you can calculate distances between Supercharger charging stations;
  4. conversion of miles into value to find out the price of the trip;
  5. compatibility with charging stations of different manufacturers, thanks to the complete J1772 connector;
  6. price comparisons for different charging station networks.

It's worth keeping in mind that when plugged in with different types of outlets (for wall connectors), charging speeds can vary. For example, if the wall connector gives out 15A, then the charging process will be very long. If you do charging at home, you will be charged per kilowatt of energy. However, when using a public charging station, charging is often by the minute. To find out the exact capacity and price of a particular station, you need to specify these parameters in the calculator.

Where is the cheaper place to charge my Tesla?

To find out the cost of fuel, in our case electricity, you need to correctly enter the data in the calculator: adapter variant, car model, charging station. After a little calculation, the car owner will also know the time to a full charge. Different networks of filling stations may work on different billing terms:

  • payment per kilowatt;
  • payment per minute of charging time.

Here you need to properly estimate, because if the model supports high-capacity chargers, then the per-minute charging is more profitable. You should also take into account the fact that some charging stations collect a fee per charging session.

What information will you get besides the cost of charging?

To use the functions of this calculator you do not need to go into the intricacies of its work. The intuitive interface and automatic calculation algorithms will do everything for the user. The main thing is to correctly enter source data (car model, gas station name, billing principle).

This calculator solves 3 main tasks:

  • The exact cost of charging a Tesla;
  • calculation of car charging time;
  • a prompt for choosing the most profitable recharging stations.

This convenient service is ideal for all electric car owners. Now there is no need to rack your brains and count how much more the car will drive. Just a few minutes and the screen will display the data on the charging process speed, as well as the cost of the estimated trip. It is important only not to make a mistake when entering information about the cost per kilowatt and the required type of socket. The calculator gives you as much useful information as possible, and it also calculates the intermediate charge and its cost.

If you compare this calculator with the closest analogues, they lose significantly in informativeness. Here you can always find the current prices in the network "Supercharger". Other calculators require manual data entry, which requires knowing a lot of intricacies. Also, most calculators can only calculate the cost of charging from an outlet. If you don't want to go through the hassle and complicate your life, then just use this calculator. Just in case, save the Tesla Charging Cost Calculator in your bookmarks so you don't lose it. Travel with your electric car for maximum comfort and profit.

How much does charging a Tesla cost?

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range$6.75$7.8
Tesla Model Y Standard Range$4.5$7.8
Tesla Model S Standard Range$7.2$12.48

Types of Tesla home chargers

There are many types of Tesla chargers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the options available:

Mobile Connector (Tesla)

The Tesla mobile connector can be used wherever there is an outlet. The connector plugs into standard 120-volt outlets and can provide up to 16 amps of power for a charge rate of up 2.5 kilowatts. You can purchase the mobile connector separately or included in your Tesla purchase.

The convenience of this charger is that it's small and portable, so you can take it with you. However, it doesn't have the same power output as a standard wall socket. This charger is a great option for charging your Tesla while on the move, but it's not as efficient than a home charger.

Wall Connector (Tesla)

The most popular type of charger is the standard Tesla wall connector. The charger plugs into a standard 240-volt outlet. It can supply up to 16 amps and a charging speed of up to 7.75 kilowatts. Every new Tesla comes with a charger. Most owners find it to be sufficient for their needs.

The standard wall connector is heavy and difficult to locate a 240-volt outlet close to your parking spot. You may consider the following options if you don't have the right spot or you need to quickly charge your Tesla. They were reviewed alongside other Tesla chargers for home. The Blink charger is sometimes preferred by customers.

The greatest alternatives to Tesla electric vehicle charging stations

First alternative is the Mustart TravelMaster. This is a two-in-one charging system that can be used as a wall charger or a portable charger. It is compatible with all Tesla cars (via adapter) and is available on EV Adept website.

Second alternative is the JuiceBox Pro 40. This is a smart, connected charging station that offers WiFi connectivity, remote monitoring, and firmware updates. It is also compatible with all Tesla cars and is available here.

Third alternative is the ChargePoint Home Charger. This is a simple, wall-mounted charger that offers WiFi connectivity and remote monitoring. It is also compatible with all Tesla cars and is available on the ChargePoint website.

All in ll, there are a number of great alternatives to Tesla's OEM EV chargers. So, if you're looking for a better charging experience, be sure to check out these options.

Tesla Charging Cost Calculator • Prices Updated • Compare DCFC and Home charger (2024)
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