Raleigh County Southern Regional Jail, WV Jail Inmates (2024)

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Southern Regional Jail West Virginia (SJI) Overview

The Southern Regional Jail which goes by SJI can be found in Raleigh County. It was built in 1994 and houses inmates from seven counties located in the southeastern region of the state. These counties are Fayette, Greenbrier, Mercer, Monroe, Raleigh, Summers, and Wyoming. This facility is operated by the WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority.

Michael Francis is the Administrator of the Southern Regional Jail. The Captain is Larry Warden and the Human Resources Manager for the facility is Charlotte Underwood. You can reach any of these individuals by calling 304.256.6726.

Southern Regional Jail:
Address: 1200 Airport Road, Beaver, WV 25813
Phone: 304.256.6726
Fax: 304-256-6739

Inmate Search in Southern Regional Jail

There is no Weekly Arrest Report Online posted by the Southern Regional Jail. If you want to find someone currently incarcerated here, you will need to search the main database of the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority. This is a database that contains all the information on the inmates incarcerated in the organization’s various facilities. To find a particular inmate, you will need to type the inmate’s last name in the text box provided. Each inmate’s record will show the inmate’s booking photo, complete name, location, sex, birthdate, height, weight, race, booking date, and court order information (case numbers, bail type, and bail amount).

Important Jail Policies and Procedures:

Inmates at the Southern Regional Jail are allowed non-contact visitation with family and friends. Visitors who are younger than 18 must be in the company of a parent or legal guardian or possess a signed, notarized Juvenile Visitation Form from the non-incarcerated parent or legal guardian agreeing the visit. If the minor is visiting without a parent or legal guardian, he or she must be accompanied by an authorized adult visitor along with the signed authorization form.

Non-contact visits at the Southern Regional Jail are 60 minutes in length. Visits must be scheduled beforehand by calling 304.256.6738 between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm on the designated days. Visitors must register at the time they are given when they call to schedule a visit. Visitors are only allowed to call once a day to schedule a visit. A maximum of three people are allowed to visit at a time.

The schedule for visitation is as follows:

No visitation; Call to schedule Tuesday Non-Contact Visitation

7:30AM – 10:30AM

No Visitation: Call for Thursday Visitation

Afternoon Visitation 3:00PM – 8:30PM
Call for Saturday Visitation.

No Visitation: Call for Sunday Visitation

Visitation from: 7:30AM – 10:30AM

Afternoon Visitation from: 12:30PM – 3:30PM

Working at the Southern Regional Jail

A starting Correctional Officer in Southern Regional Jail is paid $22,500 annually. He is also given $10,000 worth of benefits which includes health/life insurance, a retirement plan, paid holidays, and annual/sick leave.

Applicants must be a highschool graduate and possess a valid Driver’s License in order to be considered. Candidates for this position must undergo a drug screening, a physical agility test, and a Correctional Officer test.

If you wish to become a Correctional Officer at this facility, you can download the application form found on the jail’s website.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup:

According to the law, sex offenders must register their information in the state sex offender database as well as the national sex offender database. These registries are utilized by law enforcement agencies to keep track of offenders as well as to increase public safety. In West Virginia, you can locate sex offenders by searching the West Virginia Sex Offender Registry. Before you access the information, make sure that you have read the disclaimer provided. Also, some records in the database may only show last known addresses because not all offenders comply with the law.

Bail and Bondsman

For a defendant to be able to remain out of custody while awaiting trial, the court requires him to post bail. This is the money or property that will serve as a guarantee that they will return for their trial. Bail is refunded to the defendant minus any court fees at the end of the trial. However, if the defendant misses a court appearance, he forfeits the bail.

A bail bondsman can act as a surety on behalf of a defendant who cannot afford to post bail on his own. He typically charges a non-refundable fee which is 10% of the bail amount.

Raleigh County Probation Department

Probation officer’s are appointed to investigate, report on, and supervise the conduct of convicted offenders on probation. Items to bring to the Probation Office include: employment verification (a pay stub), residence (a lease, copy of a utility bill, etc.), community service record log, counseling or meeting attendance, all personal drug prescriptions, medical condition documents, and immigration registration among other things.

Office:Raleigh County Probation Department
Location:117 Prince Street, Beckley, West Virginia, 25801

Address: 1200 AIRPORT RD. BEAVER WV 25813

Raleigh County Southern Regional Jail, WV Jail Inmates (2024)
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