Murray Electric Systems Power and Telecommunications in western Kentucky, providing electricity, telephone, cable, internet and more for over 50 years. (2024)

What services does MES offer?
MES offers Electric Power, Cable Television, High-speed Internet, and Telephone.

Who do I contact for information on energy efficiency?
Our link to TVA Energy will answer many questions about energy efficiency; otherwise contact MES engineering at our posted number.

Who can I contact, after normal business hours, if I am having trouble with my utility service?
Simply call 753-5312 and follow the menu items for help.

How does MES advertise when an employment opportunity is available?
We will run an advertisem*nt in the local newspaper when employment opportunities are
available. It will also be listed on our website, and on our LO channel 15.

What opportunities exist for professional internships?
This would come through an agreement between MES and MSU. Students should contact the head of their department, or Career Services, for available internships.

What opportunities exist for temporary and /or part-time employment?
These will be advertised in the same manner as permanent employment.

Who owns Murray Electric System?
Murray Electric System is owned by the City of Murray, specifically by the customers who take service from MES. MES is technically an “agency” of the City of Murray, and is governed by an independent Board of Directors, appointed by the Mayor, and ratified by the City Council. MES takes no tax subsidies from the City, being supported strictly by revenues from the sale of services.

Is Murray Electric System governed by the Kentucky Public Service Commission?
No; MES, because of itsunique position as an “All requirements” customer of TVA, is also regulated by TVA. This means that rates and rules and regulations have to be approved by TVA. If any MES customer has a complaint directed toward MES, he or she can file that complaint by sending it to the TVA Kentucky Customer Service Center, at 10060 State Route 45 North, Hickory, KY 42051.

Is Murray Electric System considered a profit, or non-profit organization?
By statute, MES is considered a not for profit organization. Not in the sense of a benevolent agency like Needline, or the Red Cross, but in the sense that rates are to be used to cover operating expenses, maintenance, debt service, capital expenditures, and adequate reserves to protect the system from natural disasters. Any surplus funds should then be reinvested in the system in the form of lower rates.

Is Murray Electric System tax exempt?
MES does not pay taxes in the traditional sense. However, MES does make “in lieu of tax” payments to the following taxing jurisdictions: The State of Kentucky, The City of Murray, The Calloway County Fiscal Court, The Murray Independent School District, and the Calloway County School District. When totaled, these in lieu of tax payments are larger than any “tax paying” entity in Murray.

Can anyone attend a Murray Electric System Board meeting?
Yes, MES is subject to the Kentucky Open meetings and open records (sometimes called “sunshine”) laws. This means that any private citizen can attend any regular or special called meeting of the MES Board. In order to address the Board, it is necessary to make arrangements to be placed on the agenda of the meeting. This can be arranged by contacting the General Manager and asking to be placed on the agenda, and stating the purpose. Simply showing up at a meeting will not guarantee an individual the opportunity to address the Board.

How can I find out about the Murray Electric System Board meetings?
The regular monthly meetings of the Board are held on the 4th Monday of each month. The meetings are held in the Carroll Conference Room located at 205 North 4th Street. This building is connected to the MES Business offices located at 401 Olive Street. These meeting notices are publicized in the Murray Ledger & Times, and also on the MES web site. Any special meetings are publicized in the paper, on the web site, and also on the front windows of the MES office building.

How can I dispute a bill from Murray Electric System?
If a person believes that there has been a mistake made by MES on a billed service, that person should immediately contact MES upon receipt of the bill. If an account representative doesn’t resolve the dispute, the customer can schedule an appointment with the Customer Service Manager. The dispute can then be referred to the General Manager if still unresolved; ultimately a customer can appeal to the MES Board of Directors if they feel that they have been unfairly billed. The dispute process must begin immediately upon receipt of the bill to avoid ultimate termination of service.

Why will Murray Electric System not allow me to make “arrangements” to pay my bill over time?
Murray Electric System processes approximately 8,000 bills every month. It is then responsible for collecting payment for those bills, and starting the same process over again for the next month. The MES Board made a decision to cooperate with the various benevolent agencies in Murray, to allow them to work with customers who have difficulty paying bills. MES even collects money on a monthly basis from its customers willing to participate in the “ENUF” (Emergency Needline Utility Fund) program. In this way, MES removes itself as a benevolent agency, and strictly performs its intended task; that of distributing electricity. If a customer is experiencing difficulty in making payment, MES can assist by referring that customer to one of the various benevolent agencies for possible assistance with bill payment.

Why is it so important to pay my bill on time?
Most people don’t realize that MES pays an electric bill also. Over 75% of the revenues that MES collects each month from its customers go back to TVA in the form of payment for wholesale electricity. MES is charged penalties and late fees just like its customers if delinquent on its payment. Because MES is “non-profit” these late fees have to be charged back to those customers who do not submit payment in the time frame allowed. Customers can avoid significant charges, simply by paying their bills on time each month.

What if I don’t get my electric bill?
It is possible for the postal service to fail to deliver a bill on occasion. If a person fails to get a bill, they should call MES to notify them of that fact. At that time, a MES Customer Services Representative can verify billing address, and also inform the customer of the amount owed. If a customer can verify that the post office has failed to deliver a bill, MES will waive any penalties and late fees. The best way to avoid mix-ups, and potential late fees, is to sign up for automatic bank draft. In this way, MES will automatically draft a customer’s bank account each month for the appropriate amount. The customer will continue to get a bill for his review, and can contact MES if there is a question or problem. In this way, a customer does not have to “remember” each month to get that payment in on time.

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Murray Electric Systems Power and Telecommunications in western Kentucky, providing electricity, telephone, cable, internet and more for over 50 years. (2024)
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