LeBron James hints at Lakers exit after playoff defeat to the Nuggets (2024)

  • The Lakers were dumped out of the NBA playoffs by the Nuggets on Monday
  • LeBron threw his LA future into doubt with a coy response after the defeat
  • READ MORE: LeBron and the Lakers crash OUT of the playoffs after 108-106 loss

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LeBron James has thrown his Lakers future into doubt after refusing to confirm if he's played his last game for LA after their NBA playoff defeat to the Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers were beaten 108-106 in the dying seconds by the Nuggets on Monday night, which condemned them to a 4-1 series loss and ended their playoff hopes for another year.

After his 30-point return failed to get LA over the line, LeBron chose not to answer a question about his future with the team, suggesting he has some thinking to do over the summer.

When asked if there was any thought about Monday's game being his last with the Lakers, the 39-year-old paused before saying: 'Umm, I'm not gonna answer that.'

LeBron may have the chance to play with his son, Bronny, if he continues his career next season after the 19-year-old recently declared he is entering the NBA Draft and the transfer portal.

“I’m not gonna answer that.”

LeBron’s not ready to speak on if this was his last game as a Laker

(via @BenGolliver) pic.twitter.com/UaSHT5QENe

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 30, 2024

LeBron was unable to keep the Lakers' playoff hopes alive as they slumped to defeat against the Denver Nuggets

Jamal Murray fired home the game-winning shot for Denver in the final four seconds

However, after four straight playoff disappointments in LA, the all-time basketball great could look to revive his chances at a fifth NBA Championship ring with another franchise next term.

'I just wanna get home to the family, honestly, and start looking at the schedule,' James said when asked if he's thought about what comes next.

'Obviously I've got one of my boys trying to decide if he's gonna enter the draft or go back to school, I've got another kid that's playing UBall right now, my daughter's playing volleyball and my wife is doing so many great things.

'So it's about family right now and then in a couple of months I've gotta go to Vegas for training camp.'

LeBron has spent the last six seasons with the Lakers, winning the NBA Championship in 2020.

Prior to his stint in LA, the legendary forward rose to fame with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, winning two rings with the latter and one with the former.

Knowing a win was required to keep their playoff hopes alive in Denver, LeBron put up 30 points as he desperately tried to pull the Lakers through while trailing 3-1 in the first-round series.

Yet in the end his efforts were not enough, as Jamal Murray's 32-point return - which included a crucial two-pointer right at the death - was enough to win Game 5 for the defending-champion Nuggets and book their place in the Conference Semifinals.

LeBron chose not to answer a question about his Lakers future after Monday night's loss

His son, Bronny, is entering the NBA Draft and the transfer portal ahead of the 2024-25 season

LA head coach Darvin Ham, who has drawn heavy criticism in the 2024 campaign, also hinted that his time in charge of the team could be up after their first-round exit.

'It’s been a hell of a two years sitting in this seat, I’ll tell you that,' Ham said after the game. 'It’s been a hell of a two years.'

Murray scored his 32 points despite a strained calf, with his game-winner coming in the final 3.6 seconds.

James' two free throws tied it at 106 with 26 seconds left and the Nuggets, just as they did in Game 2, eschewed the timeout and Murray took the ball on a high screen and roll to his left, shaking Austin Reaves and he crossed through the lane and swished the 14-footer.

It was Murray's buzzer beater that won Game 2. 'This one was a little better,' he said as confetti swirled around him and his celebrating teammates.

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LeBron James hints at Lakers exit after playoff defeat to the Nuggets (2024)
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