Freezable Sloppy Joe's Recipe for 100 Sandwiches - Church PotLuck Main Course (2024)

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On rare occasions this recipe will save your life...

Recently my church volunteered to host a large youth group prayer vigil. They came from miles around and made an event of it (teenagers). In addition to the prayers there was a whole lot of eating going on that our church had volunteered to handle (a WHOLE LOT... Teenagers). 100 sandwiches ready when needed, easy to keep warm (Crock Pots to the rescue) and easy and fast to serve throughout a long night (incase someone is hungry an hour after you served a meal (teenagers... huh).

But in additional to Church events... This could be a Godsend for any family gathering. Freezable means no waste. Make a batch to serve while the BIG meal is being made (again... teenagers are always hungry and Uncle Paulie is always trying to get a bite in advance). Or how about those big families that show up a day in advance to help make pies and side dishes... Make a big batch of this and no thoughts or worries about feeding until the bird gets carved.

And what I really like is that this is freezable. Not just the leftovers but you can make this WEEKS in advance. Just make a batch and pour into gallon sized freezer bags. Be sure to squeeze out the air and this will last a very long time.

Oh and BTW, this is not just an add ketchup and mix recipe. You can be proud of the taste with plenty of flavorful ingredients.

It's good... really good!

OK... Here's what I did...

Freezable Sloppy Joe's
Recipe for 100 Sandwiches


  • 20 Pounds Ground Beef
  • 4 Large Onions, Dice
  • 4 Large Green Bell peppers, Cored, Seeds removed and Diced
  • 1 Bottle Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 Pound Brown Sugar
  • 1 Cup Whole Grain Mustard
  • 1/4 Cup Chili Powder
  • 4 Pints Favorite BBQ Sauce (I use Ray's for this)
  • 4 Pints Ketchup, added 1 pint at a time, stop adding when your favorite consistency is hit.
  • 100 Hamburger Buns

Cooking Directions

  1. In stages, Brown the hamburger, drain the fat and transfer to a LARGE Electric Roasting Pan (or to a LARGE bowl for mixing and then when mixed transfer to 3-4 Crock Pots)
  2. In a large bowl, combine all of the remaining ingredients (except the Ketchup and Hamburger Buns).
  3. Add a single pint (2 cups) to the goo mixture and stir to thoroughly combine.
  4. Mix the goo with the hamburger... Add additional Ketchup if you want a runny very SLOPPY Joe. You can always make this sloppier, but it is very hard to make it neater.
  5. Serve on Buns, Freeze any left overs... AND ENJOY!


This recipe has been added to my growing list of "52 Church PotLuck Dishes"!

A list of something NEW worthy of being shown off at a neighborhood BYODish (Bring Your Own Dish) Party, a Family special occasion dinner, Any Big Holiday Gathering or of course that glorious day when you bring a dish to share with your Church family...

Ages ago, literally almost a half century ago I was listening to our pastor talking about a PotLuck Dinner. It happened to be scheduled around a church work day when we were expected to weed, polish and do general cleaning and maintenance around the church (you know, back in the day when there were no no-wax floors and church pews smelled of Old English furniture polish). I am of course paraphrasing, but as I recall the pastor said,

"A potluck, like a church requires work. At a potluck everyone is expected to contribute.. At a church no one should come empty handed and no one should leave unfed".

I will confess that in my youth I brought more store bought plastic spoons and forks than I ever brought covered dishes and crock pots of fresh made love and caring delights. But now that I have become a hobbyist cook, I occasionally am reminded of those days and people from my youth. I reminded and I do wish that I could drop a dish of some new creation on those old tables at my fondly remembered Liberty Baptist Church. Tables covered with newspapers and loaded with God's bounty prepared with love and caring... Enjoy


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Freezable Sloppy Joe's Recipe for 100 Sandwiches - Church PotLuck Main Course (8)

Freezable Sloppy Joe's  Recipe for 100 Sandwiches - Church PotLuck Main Course (2024)
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