17 Best Vol-Au-Vent Recipes With a Retro Spin (2024)

Don’t let the fancy French fool you; these vol-au-vent recipes are crazy-easy to make at home.

They’re essentially puff pastry shells with a deep middle pocket for fun fillings, like Nutella, Brie, or shrimp.

17 Best Vol-Au-Vent Recipes With a Retro Spin (1)


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If you’re too young to remember them (lucky you!), ask your folks about these light and flaky pastry appetizers. I bet they ate quite a few in their day!

Not an 80s party went by without a generous selection of vol-au-vent recipes. And since you can add sweet and savory fillings, it’s no wonder they’re making a comeback.

1. Shrimp Vol-au-Vent

I should probably start with this: there’s no need to make puff pastry from scratch for any of these recipes.

Store-bought, frozen puff pastry will do just fine, and in most larger stores, you can even buy vols-au-vent pre-made.

Now that’s out of the way; I highly recommend starting your vol-au-vent journey with this succulent shrimp recipe.

These cups are bursting with a mix of sweet, plump shrimp and a creamy, refreshing co*cktail sauce.

Together with the flaky and buttery puff pastry shell, this appetizer is a treasure trove of flavors and textures.

If you’re hosting an elegant co*cktail party, this shrimp appetizer is exactly the finger food to serve.

2. Mushroom and Sausage Vols-au-Vent

These might not look as appealing as the recipe above, but get a load of the ingredient list!

Ground sausage, onions, diced cremini and portobello mushrooms, cream cheese, parmesan, and lots of herbs and spices. How’s that for flavorful?

It’s a delicious cornucopia that will satisfy all your salty cravings.

Also, here’s some fun trivia: the plural of vol-au-vent is vols-au-vent, not vol-au-vents.

3. Brie and Cranberry Vol-au-Vent

If you love a sweet and savory profile as much as I do, these bite-sized vols-au-vent will make your taste buds go wild.


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They’re filled to the brim with a blend of sweet and tart cranberry sauce and creamy, melty Brie.

And it doesn’t end there. Adding more texture and flavor to these cups is a crunchy pistachio garnish.

This is the perfect recipe to make on Boxing Day with all that leftover cranberry sauce.

4. Chicken and Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

If you’re in the mood for something earthy and creamy, you can’t beat chicken and mushrooms.

This vol-au-vent is made extra special by a rich buttery roux, adding a level of luxury you won’t want to share.

The combination of tender chicken, meaty mushrooms, and flaky puff pastry is genuinely an exquisite bite.

5. Turkey Vol au Vent Shells

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how stunning this vol-au-vent is.

It’s incredible how a simple scattering of pomegranate arils can make a dish look breath-taking, don’t you think?

This appetizer is just as scrumptious as it is gorgeous, too. Inside that buttery and flaky shell is a creamy sauce filled with diced turkey, mushrooms, and green peas.

It’s another fantastic post-holiday recipe to use up leftover turkey.

6. Strawberry Vol-Au-Vent Dessert

My goodness, this strawberry vol-au-vent is a thing of beauty!

Think strawberry and whipped cream parfait, but instead of a glass, it’s layered inside a hollowed-out, cronut-like puff pastry cup.

I know; I’m drooling too.

I love the combination of sweet-tart filling and savory-buttery casing. Together, they create a perfect balance of flavors.

Oh, and you only need four ingredients to make this. Not that you’d know – it looks like you spent hours in the kitchen.

7. Homemade Mushroom Vols Au Vent

Garlic mushrooms will always be a hit, but you might want to watch your fingers when adding a cream sauce to the mix because I don’t think these will last long!

It’s not complicated, and you can use any mushrooms you like. You could even add some chopped chicken if you wanted a boost of protein.

As far as mushroom appetizers go, this should be at the top of your list.

8. Shrimp Etouffee Vol au Vents

Here’s another seemingly complicated dish, but again, don’t let its name intimidate you.

Let’s break this down, shall we? Of course, we already know what a vol-au-vent is, so let’s head straight to etouffee.

It’s a French word that means “smothered,” and it’s an appropriate description of the dish: a Cajun/Creole dish of rice, smothered with a thick tomato-based sauce, served with shellfish.

Put those two dishes together, and what do you get? A stunning seafood appetizer you’ll want to make again and again.

9. Prawn and Avocado Vol-au-Vents

If your goal is to impress classy party guests, this vol-au-vent recipe is the ticket.

First of all, look how pretty! These puff pastry apps definitely got that elegant look down.

As for the tastes and textures, I’ve one word: phenomenal.

Flaky and buttery puff pastries are filled with a combo of sweet prawns and creamy avocados tossed in a savory, spiced mayo dressing.Yum!

10. Bouchée à la Reine (Vol-au-Vent)

Classic vols-au-vent (or more formally known as bouchee a la Reine) use a filling of pureed poultry.

While that sounds good, let’s go ahead and use bacon instead. After all, everything tastes better with bacon, right?

Throw in meaty mushrooms and creamy crème fraîche into the mix, cook them all together, and voila, this bacon appetizer is ready to go.

11. Vanilla Blueberry Vols-Au-Vent

Here’s another sweet treat that’s just as delectable as it is gorgeous.

These vols-au-vent are filled with vanilla pudding and garnished with fresh blueberries and orange peel.

It’s a heavenly mix of light and airy pastry and an equally light and refreshing filling.

If you need to make these ahead, cook and cool the pastry, then brush some chocolate inside – white or dark will work just fine.

Once that’s cool, it will act like a barrier, preventing the pudding from seeping into the pastry, making it soggy.

12. Escargot con Funghi in Vol-au-Vent

If you need an appetizer to wow your guests, look no further. This escargot and mushroom vols-au-vent will add an air of sophistication to any celebration.

If you’ve never had escargot before, now’s the time to try! Just forget the fact that they’re land snails and dig in.

Also, this recipe is surprisingly easy to make. So even if it’s your first time working with snails, there’s no reason to be afraid.

Just be sure to add plenty of garlic butter!

13. Puff Pastry Baskets with Nutella

Any dessert with Nutella is a guaranteed hit, and vols-au-vent are no exception.

Flaky puff pastry baskets are filled to the brim with Nutella and…that’s it – very straightforward.

Despite its simplicity, this dessert is out-of-this-world delicious. Ask any kid who’s tried it!

14. Cream Cheese And Smoked Salmon Vol Au Vents

Smoked salmon and cheese are the ultimate breakfast combination. That said, it also works well as a light and luxurious appetizer.

I know I’ll never say no to this salty-savory-smoky fusion of flavors – no matter the time of day.

It’s excellent with bagels, bread, and yes, even vols-au-vent.

Serve these at brunch or your next party. Either way, they’ll fly off the plate.

15. Poached Pear Vol au Vents

This vol-au-vent recipe might look extravagant, but poaching pears is one of the sneakiest ways to make a simple yet fancy dessert.

All you do is let the fruit bubble in a spiced, white wine bath until fork-tender. Then, make a quick pastry cream to go with it and stack everything on a plate.

How easy is that?

16. Creamy Leek and Mushroom Vol au Vents

Sweet and oniony leeks meet earthy and meaty mushrooms in this wonderfully savory vol-au-vent recipe.

Leeks add a fantastic garlicky note to the onion taste, and they pair so well with the mushrooms. Plus, I love the added color you get!

This dish is entirely vegetarian, but it’s so flavorful, no one will miss the meat.

17. Beef, Red Wine & Mushroom Vol-Au-Vents

Transform tender beef and meaty mushrooms into an even more stunning vol-au-vent filling!

All you’ll need is a splash of red wine, heavy cream,and a sprinkling of thyme for garnish.

It’s like eating a hearty and savory meat pie, but with a flakier crust and a more irresistible filling. Delish!

17 Best Vol-Au-Vent Recipes With a Retro Spin (2)

17 Best Vol-Au-Vent Recipe Collection

Make your next party a fun retro throwback with these classic vol-au-vent recipes. Flaky, buttery, and perfect sweet or savory, expect big-hair energy in every bite.


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17 Best Vol-Au-Vent Recipes With a Retro Spin (3)

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17 Best Vol-Au-Vent Recipes With a Retro Spin (2024)
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