11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (2024)

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (1)

There is nothing better than buying yourself a fresh new suit. It often seems to be so challenging to find a suit that fits perfectly. The good news is, there is a better way. It may seem challenging to find the best suit online; it is not.

These stores have made some major strides in helping you find off-the-rack suits and even made to measure fit. We have found out all the details about what these stores offer to help you find the perfect suit for you. Continue reading about the best men’s suit stores online.

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Considerations for Suit Shopping

There are quite a few additional considerations that must go into your decision to buy a suit.


This may be the most important part about buying a suit. Suits are usually considered a high-end item. They quickly jump up into thousands of dollars. It is possible to find a quality suit that only costs a couple of hundred dollars.

It is important that you find the best quality suit at a price point that you can afford. When the cost drops below about $100, you may be sacrificing quality. They are made from material that is not as expensive.

These suits are not going to be as durable as more expensive versions. The manufacturer of a lesser-priced suit may have cut corners on the craftsmanship of the suit. They may not fit as well as a more expensive version.

Depending on the needs of your suit, you may opt to go for a less expensive version because you need it one time and you never plan to wear a suit again.Sometimes, a cheap suit is the best way to go for your needs at the time.


This is another important consideration. Obviously, in an online environment, you do not have the benefit of trying on the suit. Some online retailers have worked around this by having a great return policy for suits.

A retailer may even have a try before you buy. This delivers suits to your house and allows you to try on the suit before you purchase it. It is important that you know your proper measurements before you begin searching for a suit.

This is incredibly important if you are interested in purchasing a tailored suit. There is the option of purchasing an off-the-rack suit that you then take to a tailor and have it customized.


11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (2)

You may want to have some idea in your mind of what type of style suit that you are interested in. This includes a three-piece suit or two-piece suit. You should consider do you want a classic fit or a slim fit.

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (3)

You should consider if you have a specific type of material that interests you. Do you want vents, or slits in the back, of your suit? These are some of the questions you should have in your head before you begin your online search.

Tips For Buying a Custom Fit Suit Online

It does not matter how much or little you pay for a suit; if it does not fit properly, you will never wear it. Even the most affordable suit becomes the most expensive if you never wear it.

It is critical that you know your measurements. You cannot purchase a suit that fits properly if you do not know your measurements. You should measure your waist, chest, and inseam. You should also know your weight and height in order to get the right suit fit for you.

There are a few different styles of suits, which include regular, fitted, and slim. You should understand what these different styles mean. You want to make sure you read and understand the policy on returns before you make a purchase. Every online retailer has a different policy, and you want to know what to do if the suit color is not what you expected.

Colors look different on a computer screen than they do in real life. If you calibrate your monitor properly, then you can get fairly close to the color on your screen as it will be in real life. Be prepared for alterations. You are most likely going to need alterations to your suit. You want to make sure that you have a good tailor at your disposal.

Tips For Buying an Off the Rack Suit Online

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (4)

When you are looking for an off-the-rack suit, you should understand what you are getting. Ready to wear is another term you will hear for an off-the-rack suit. They are given a size that includes a letter and a number.

Most of the online retailers you find to use this number and letter system. The numbers range from 34 to 60. You may see letters such as S, R, L, and XL. The way this is displayed as a size on a suit is 38L.

The numbers indicate the size of your chest in inches. The letters represent the length of the jacket. S is short, R is regular, L is long, and XL is extra long. There is typically about 1.25 inches difference between each length. Your height and weight play a role, also.

You should check the size chart for the brand to see how they size for height and weight. There are usually minor differences between brands. You often cannot see the differences until you put the clothes on.

There are some fits you need to know. There are Modern, Slim, Athletic, and quite a few others. There is no standard for these fits across the industry. You should pay attention to pictures and descriptions that are provided on the website to understand what these terms mean.

Most of the time, a website allows customers to review their items; you should read this. The comments can give you an indication of how a suit is going to fit.

The Difference Between Separates and Sets

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As you shop online for your suit, you will see the terms ‘separates’ and ‘sets.’ In the simplest terms, these terms mean that some suits are sold as a set, so all the pieces you need are together for one price. Other suits are sold as separates, which means that you need to buy each piece individually.

A set commonly refers to a jacket and pants sound together as a pair that has already been decided by someone else. The chest size and length of the jacket are intentionally selected for a pair of pants in certain waist size.

Usually, there is about a six-inch difference between the size of the jacket and the size of the pants. For example, a 40 regular jacket will come with pants that have a waist of 36 inches. This is often called the drop.

When you buy a suit as separates, this means the pieces, the pants, and the jacket, are sold separately. This can help you get more accurate sizing for your clothes. You do not have to have a certain drop for your suit.

Buying separates can be helpful if you have a broad chest and a small waist. When you buy separates, it allows you to mix and match different pieces together. Perhaps you only need some a new blazer; then you are able to buy only those items instead of an entire suit.

Online Men’s Suit Stores

Amazon Fashion

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (6)

Amazon Fashion sells just about anything you can desire. This includes hundreds of suit options for men. They also make sure they hit everyone’s budget. They have options that start as low as $50. Amazon Fashion also offers luxury brands that cost several thousands of dollars.

They also have everything in between for those that have a mid-range budget. They also have offerings from their own brand. With all of these combined, they are sure to suit your style from classic, cool, or casual.This is the place to go for the ultimate in men’s fashion.

Amazon Fashion is powered by Amazon, which gives you all the features you are used to with Amazon. The Amazon interface is incredibly easy to use and has been refined over time. They offer a personal shopping experience where you can use a personal shopper to do the work for you. They have the latest styles and fashions, so you always stay on-trend. Amazon offers relaxed shipping and returns options.


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Source: Nordstrom

The Nordstrom website is a great place for you to look for suits. They are not going to offer you the lowest suit prices that you can find. They do offer you their reputation of having outstanding customer service and quality and well-made suits.

They have a great policy for returns. If you purchase from them online, you can take your suit to one of their stores to have it tailored. They offer brand names and high-quality suits that are intended to last.

Nordstrom does not offer a try before you buy a service. They do offer you the ability to visit their actual store. They offer many high-quality brands in addition to their own brand. They make sure they have enough clothing options to match your personal style, no matter what it is. Nordstrom wants to make sure they can provide you access to all the clothes and brands you want, no matter what that is.

Men’s Warehouse

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (8)

Source: Men’s Warehouse

Men’s Warehouse has been the largest high-end clothing store for men in the US for a long time. They provide a large variety of suits for many different budgets. While they try to be mindful of all budgets, many of their suits fall into the middle to upper price range.

They do offer a large number of sales on their website, and you are often able to get a higher-priced suit for a good price. They also have a clearance section on their website.

Men’s Warehouse has a vast inventory. Their website provides a great user experience with streamlined shopping. They provide many filters to help you find exactly what you want or need. They have filters, including color, price range, brand, and extras like the season.

There is even a filter for the color of the buttons. It only takes a few clicks for you to find the exact suit you want. They provide quick links to popular searches to help streamline your own search.


11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (9)

Source: Hockerty

Hockerty gives you the perfect fit guarantee. This helps you eliminate extra costs when you are attempting to get the absolute best fit. This means that you do not have to pay extra for your touch-ups by a tailor when you are ordering a suit that is made to order. If you are not satisfied with your custom suit, Hockerty will remake the suit or pay for the cost of your alterations.

Hockerty has an amazing website that is incredibly user-friendly. It has a 3D suit builder that gives you the best idea of what the suit is going to look like. You can even use various cuts and fabrics and see how they will look on you.

You can find a suit between $250 to $700. They offer you the ability to order fabric samples online, as well as track your order online. If you get stuck on their website, they offer a chat option to talk to one of their customer service representatives.


iTailor is a custom tailor that has over 40 years of experience that they bring to every suit they create. iTailor is available online, and they are highly ranked among those in the suit industry. They provide a 3D designer online that helps you choose and then customize your next suit.

It uses four easy-to-follow steps. First, you choose the fabric you want, the style, your color contrast, and then your measurements. If you need your suit quickly, you can pay a fee for express service getting your suit to you in a week.

iTailor is friendly to your budget as they have some offerings under $200. This is a factory-direct brand, and there is no middle man to hike up the price. They have a fit guarantee price which means that they guarantee the fit for the low price.

Even if you need additional finishing touches, you can visit a tailor, and it will not go over the budget. When you make a purchase, your pattern is saved allowing you to order the exact same suit the next time.


11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (10)

Source: Indochino

Indochino is an online retailer that sells only its own brand. They also have stores in case you need to visit them in person. They sell more than just suits. Anything they sell is customizable and can be made to order with your correct measurements.

Indochino was one of the first online custom suit shopping experiences. They are a direct-to-consumer provider that gives all customers the chance to purchase their suits directly from the manufacturer.

On Indochino, you are able to choose the style suit you want and then customize it to fit your personal taste. You are able to monogram your order if you would like. You must have your measurements and input them online.

They offer step-by-step instructions via a video on their website. Their suits range from $350 to $800. They offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount of money. Shipping takes about four weeks.

Black Lapel

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (11)

Source: Black Lapel

Black Lapel is a company that sells custom menswear, including suits. They offer a concierge service to provide you the ultimate customer service in every step of the process of ordering your custom suit.

The customer service makes sure that your suit arrives on time and exactly as you expect it to. They have the ability to highly customize every item. If you are not certain about how to customize your suit, there is a customize for me button that shows you what Black Lapel suggests for each suit.

Black Lapel gives you suggestions that a professional would give. You can tweak those suggestions, so they match your own tastes. You should be prepared for it to take about three to four weeks for your custom order to be created and delivered to your door.

If you are not happy, they will alter, remake, or return your item. If you have to take it to a local tailor, they give you a $75 credit per suit. This high-end store sells suits at a price point of $600 to $1,100.

Charles Tyrwhitt

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (12)

Source: Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt is a brand of menswear suits that is based in London. They are known mainly for the tailored shirts that are of the highest quality. They also make European suits in various fits, which include extra slim, slim, and classic fits.

They offer standard suit sizes, and you can customize the inseam of the trousers. Charles Tyrwhitt offers free returns, express delivery, and a six-month guarantee. They offer the ability to go into one of their stores if you need to return your suit or have it customized.

Their suits are mid-range priced suits. Charles Tyrwhitt offers a clearance section on their website. If you are on the hunt for a custom-tailored suit, you should start with Charles Tyrwhitt.


11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (13)

Source: Asos

Asos is the online spot for younger shoppers. They want to be the place for the fashion moment. Asos focuses on cycling through many different designers and brands every season. They lean towards colorful, bold and bring playful to their suit design.

This is the site that offers you metallic suit blazers that sparkle and shine just like you do. They work on a balance of classic and bold with leather pants and knit sweaters.This is the site to check out if you are looking for modern fit suits.

Asos is a more affordable website the offers suits at prices everyone, including younger buyers, can afford. They accept many payment options and have a mobile site where you can order with ease. They offer premier delivery, which is a service you pay an extra fee for that gives you a reduced shipping cost on all future orders. Asos has a section on their website that offers outlet prices for the items.

Mr. Porter

11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (14)

Source: Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is a menswear retailer that offers the most luxury brands like Balenciaga and Brioni. They also offer more affordable brands like Faherty. Mr. Porter is focused on providing you cool and classic styles. Their website has a simple user interface that makes it really easy to move around through their website. They offer recommended items based on popularity.

Mr. Porter offers the ability to chat if you need help while navigating their website. They want to be a cornerstone of men’s style, which can often be difficult to find. Mr. Porter wants to find you the suit with the perfect fit. They provide suits from around the entire world, including Italian and Savile Row inspirations.They offer every possible touch you could need from a tie, to dress shoes, to a pocket square.


11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (15)

Source: SSENSE

Ssense is focused on fashion and brings those who are interested in that fashion to their online site. They have a wide range of styles, from a variety of streetwear and luxury. The designers at Ssense are constantly changing and stay ahead of all the trends and bring them to you on their website. They each provide their own vision of modern suits, which gives you diverse options.

You will find rich fabrics, patterned jackets, and bold colors. These styles offer slimmer cuts and slim lapels. They offer single and double-breasted options. These selections test the limits of traditional by using quilting and pleating. The suits have hardware that is a little different and raw finishes.

Ssense has a section on their website where they highlight designers, both up and coming ones and established. You have access to the clothes of these designers because they are shipping to the site. Ssense offers free shipping in two days.


What Do I Want to Look For in My Next Suit?

When it comes to look for your next suit, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the fabric. You want a quality fabric that is going to be durable and long-lasting. You want your suit to look good and quality material helps it look good for longer.

You need to look for the perfect fitting jacket. It should fit at the shoulders and in the arms. You should know if you want a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket. You also need to pay attention to the color. The color of your suit is critical to making sure it is a good look for you.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay For a Good Quality Suit?

The average price that you should expect to pay for a suit is about $500. It could be a little more or a little less than that, but it is a solid average price for a suit. You want to avoid the most inexpensive suits out there because most likely they are going to look cheap. The last thing you want is a suit that looks cheap.

If I Only Have One Suit, What Color Should it Be?

If you are only going to own one suit, then you want to make sure it is charcoal or navy. A suit in either of these colors looks professional. It will not look overly formal. You can match many different color shoes,shirts and ties with both of these colors, so it gives you a broad range of options.

This color also makes a statement that you have a good work ethic. You will look professional and can have a meeting with anyone in this color suit.

How Many Suits Should I Have?

You should have three suits, especially if you are just beginning your career. You want a suit that is black, one that is navy, and one that is charcoal. If you own these three suit colors, you will have a suit that is appropriate for every event or occasion.

You will be able to mix and match various colors with all of these suits. Having these three suits can help you extend your wardrobe and no one will notice. You will be able to wear any one of these to just about any function.

What is in a Seven-Piece Suit?

A seven-piece suit is one of the most formal types of suits you can own. It will have a jacket, pants, vest, shirt, neck tie, bow tie, and a pocket square. This set can be used for just about any event or occasion.

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11 Outstanding Online Men's Suit Stores (2024)
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