11 Of The Best Linen Shirts For Men That Make It Easy To Stay Cool (2024)

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The best linen shirts for men are stylish, naturally absorbent and extremely breathable—making them the perfect solution for summer dressing. While not as formal as a crisp cotton button-down or relaxed as a white tee, linen shirts tow the line between business casual and weekend smart. Plus, linen wrinkles ever-so-slightly, providing a gently laidback vibe for any look.

So how to find the best linen shirts? There are many different styles out there. Some are made from a linen blend for a stretchier or softer feel while others have a tailored fit and crisp effect. What you ultimately choose depends on your needs, where you’re wearing your linen shirt and what makes you comfortable. Ahead, we pulled together our recommendations for the best linen shirts for men, including our top overall pick from Bonobos and a great affordable option from Quince. You know summer is here when you reach for one of these.

Best Linen Shirt For Men Overall

All-Around Classic You’ll Wear Constantly


Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 7 total, including Khaki and Olive Green | Care: Machine wash warm with like colors

This all-around classic linen button-down just can’t be beat. It’s made from an ultra-comfortable blend that actually resists the wrinkling that plagues your typical linen shirt, and comes in all sorts of warm-weather colors, including a light blue and even orchid (if you’re feeling adventurous). This shirt pairs just as well with your favorite chino shorts as it does with a pair of lightweight jeans—so wear it with anything in your closet.

Best Button-Down Linen Shirt For Men

Vacation-Ready Shirt That Works In The Office, TOo

J.Crew Baird Mcnu*tt Irish Linen Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 13 total, including Glen Plaid Run On Mutli and Ink | Care: Machine wash

If you’re looking for a traditional button-down linen shirt—one that’s a little roomier in the sleeves and body—then this selection from J.Crew checks the boxes. The linen is sourced from Ireland’s best mill and is ultra-soft to the touch and looks cooly casually and creased with each wear. It’s the way to be relaxed yet polished when on vacation or at your next outdoor happy hour.

Best Long-Sleeve Linen Shirt For Men

Pre-Washed For Softness And Made To Last

Faherty Linen Laguna Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 11 total, including Light Blue Melange and Sea Breeze | Care: Machine wash cold with like colors

Great for days outdoors, Faherty’s linen shirt is designed to keep you cool when the temps rise. It’s lightweight, won’t fall apart in the wash and is unbelievably soft. Also great: It comes in an impressive range of colors and several of the lighter shades look right in place on the boardwalk or at a beach party. Consider this your best long-lasting, versatile linen shirt.

Best Short Sleeve Linen Shirt For Men

Reach For This When The Weather Gets Really Hot

Everlane The Linen Short-Sleeve Standard Fit Shirt

Sizes: XS to XL | Colors: 7 total, including Light Blue and Brazilian Sand | Care: Machine wash cold

When it’s borderline unbearable outside, this short-sleeve shirt is your salvation. The cooling design has a rounded hemline and hits shorter on the body, so it doesn’t need to be tucked in, which adds to the breathable effect. This 100% linen pick comes in a suite of neutral colors plus a few festive stripes.

Best White Linen Shirt For Men

Premium Shirting To Feel Your Best

Eton Slim Fit Linen Dress Shirt

Sizes: 13.75 to 19 | Colors: 11 total, including White and Blue | Care: Machine wash cold

A crisp white linen shirt like Eton’s is a must-wear for more formal summer occasions—it feels just right at work or a summer wedding. It’s made from luxe organic linen fabric that’s woven in Italy; specifically, by the artisans at the Albini Mill near Milan. And it comes in a variety of sizes and fits so you can find an option that’s comfortable and stylish.

Best Quality Linen Shirt For Men

Top-Shelf, Sustainably-Grown French Linen

Editor’s Pick

Alex Crane Playa Shirt

Sizes: XS to XL | Colors: 21 total, including Snow and Chai | Care: Machine wash cool and hang dry

When it comes to unparalleled quality in a linen shirt, it’s hard to beat Alex Crane’s Playa shirt. Each one is made from sustainably sourced French linen that feels ultra-soft—and it’s easy to care for, no ironing needed. If you love great quality shirts, line your closet with these. There are different colors for almost every day of the month.

Best Slim Linen Shirt For Men

Polished Yet Supremely Comfortable

Todd Snyder Slim Fit Sea Soft Irish Linen Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 11 total, including Faded Surplus and Dark Coral | Care: Machine wash gentle

Linen shirts typically drape a little—but if you’re a guy on the slimmer side or like a polished effect, you don’t want to look like you’re always wearing a size too large. Todd Snyder’s shirt has the right mix of an almost-tailored slim fit and ultra-fine quality: It’s made from the linen experts at Baird Mcnu*tt, one of Ireland’s oldest and last linen mills.

Best Relaxed Linen Shirt For Men

Easy Fit For Easy-Going Occasions

Abercrombie And Fitch Camp Collar Linen-Blend Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 7 total, including Cream Stripe and Black | Care: Machine wash cold with like colors

When the sun’s out, there’s nothing like a relaxed-fit linen shirt to kick back in. Abercrombie’s highly-rated option has a loose fit, and is made from a linen blend that gives this shirt a little extra stretch and softness. The resort-style camp collar and straight hemline adds to the shirt’s chill vibes.

Best Linen Shirt For Travel

Packable Shirt With The Perfect On-The-Go Length

Banana Republic Castello Linen Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 12 total, including Light Blue and Natural Linen Beige | Care: Machine wash

Travel can be tricky with any button-down, but Banana Republic’s is cut from naturally lightweight and breathable linen, and has an “untucked” length—in other words, a shorter hemline—which keeps you comfortable when you’re on the go. It’s easy to care for, too: simply machine wash it. This is the ultimate vacation shirt to pack in your suitcase or wear on the plane.

Best No-Wrinkle Linen Shirt For Men

Designed To Resist Creases

Wills Wrinkle Free Linen Shirt

Sizes: S to XXL | Colors: 2 total, including Natural and Marled Blue | Care: Machine wash cold

It’s no secret that linen wrinkles—constantly. If this irks you, then a wrinkle-free style might be the right choice. Huckberry’s bestselling version is made from a specially crafted linen blend that keeps it looking sharp all day long. Throw it on before your next event or keep it at the ready in the office.

Best Affordable Linen Shirt For Men

Excellent Value For The Money

Quince 100% European Linen Long Sleeve Shirt

Sizes: S to XL | Colors: 6 total, including White and Driftwood | Care: Machine wash cold with like colors

Not all linen is in the $100-range. If you’re on a budget, consider Quince’s long-sleeve option—it’s cut from light, 100% linen and has a classic spread collar. At less than $50, it’s extremely budget-friendly. When summer’s on but you’re not ready to splurge, reach for this style.


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11 Of The Best Linen Shirts For Men That Make It Easy To Stay Cool (2024)
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